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Mental disorders: Toxoplasma gondii as the ASD and ADHD causative agent

Toxoplasma gondii brings intervention which could be embodied in a special way. Last research found the connection between this type of parasite and mental disorders which could appear as the result of influence. As the basic cause which leads to the Toxoplasma gondii growth could be some special circumstances, which includes pregnancy and some range of infections. Parasite’s unexpected premature growth leads to the inflammatory processes, which could oversaturate brain with nitric oxide and some other elements. As the result, the brain gets the wrong chain of neuro-processes which are leads to the mental disorders.

Obesity fatty liver insulin resistance type 2 diabetes high protein diet

Eating a high protein diet can actually worsen insulin resistance that leads to type 2 diabetes instead of heal it, according to new research, but there are natural treatments to not only reverse insulin resistance but type 2 diabetes as well.

Monday, 2017, March 27 - 4:19pm
deep frying cancer risk

Second-hand smoke, frying meats and burning candles are all linked – and they all contain a chemical known to promote cancer.

Monday, 2017, March 27 - 3:41pm
caring for cancer caregiver

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it affects more than just the patient. Cancer caregivers are especially in need of some TLC during a difficult time.

Monday, 2017, March 27 - 3:09pm

If your kids are craving biscuits, then you may want to try this gluten-free recipe that is fast and easy. The biscuits turn out flaky, soft and delicious.

Monday, 2017, March 27 - 2:55pm
olive leaf extract inhibits proliferation of leukemia cancer cells

Different leukemia cancer cell lines were tested against multiple varieties of olive leaf extract, and the results are promising.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 9:39pm
SIDS, baby crib

Various states are giving out free baby cribs! But you might not like what you're going to get... Also, here's some information on SIDS.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 3:35pm
Diabetic kidney disease

Despite popular belief, diabetics can avoid, and even stop, the progression of kidney disease as well as reduce protein in the urine by making one major change in their lifestyle habits.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 11:56am
spine, spinal surgery

The FDA has just approved a new surgical procedure where an artificial disc is used to replace a worn spinal disc. Here's some information.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 11:36am
breast implants, plastic surgery, cancer

If you were considering getting breast implants, you might want to reconsider! Recent news reports that 9 people have died from getting breast implants.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 11:27am
frozen shoulder, chiropractor,

Going to the chiropractor isn't something intuitive, unless you're into holistic health. But did you know that a chiropractor can fully treat many conditions, one of which you may already have, without resorting to medications? One of them is frozen shoulder.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 11:27am
Strenuous exercise

Researchers say the metabolic and heart health of kids can be enhanced with just a little strenuous exercise.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 7:25am
Enjoying a cocktail

Researchers say that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol may be associated with a lower risk of some heart conditions.

Sunday, 2017, March 26 - 12:00am