Natural Cleaning Tips for Everything in Your Home, Yard and even Car

Apr 19 2017 - 9:56pm
Cleaning Home

Going green and chemical free is easy and saves money and doesn’t take a lot of time to master, plus it can save you a lot of money in expensive cleaning products.

I’ve used tea, coffee, and walnut paste to not only cover scratches on furniture and floors, but to color my gray hair. I had used henna in the past so covering the grey with store bought box dyes would cause my hair to break off. Then I looked into walnut paste and found it on Amazon. I discovered brewed tea and coffee would help cover the grey in between using walnut paste. Simply take coffee grounds, add very hot water to make a paste and cover hair, wrap with Saran wrap and leave on for at least an hour. Black teas work best for darker hues, chamomile for blondes, and rooibos for redheads. The key to best results is to wrap your head and if possible add heat. I happen to have an old fashioned salon hair dryer chair that works great but if you don’t you can use a hand held dryer. It’s just a little more work.

Orange peels and vinegar for all purpose cleaning spray

I love this little trick. Simply save your orange peels and place in a glass jar with vinegar. Let sit for 2 weeks and then pour the liquid in to a spray bottle. Not only does it smell better than most commercial sprays, it’s non-toxic and cleans superbly.

Lemons and Limes to clean garbage disposal

Whenever I cook with lemons or limes I throw them down the garbage disposal. They make the disposal fragrant and are a very effective cleaner.

Cleaning silver with baking soda and aluminum

If you wear silver jewelry or have silverware you’ll want to know this time saving trick. Bring one liter of water, one tablespoon of baking soda and one piece of aluminum foil to a boil. Drop silverware in the pot for 10 seconds (longer if it's very tarnished), then remove using kitchen tongs. If built-up tarnish persists, make a thick paste with 1/4 cup baking soda and two tablespoons of water. (Also read: Dangers Lurking in the Laundry Room; Keeping Your Kids Safe).

Use lemon juice or vinegar and kosher salt to clean pans, even copper, glass, and cast iron

I love cooking with cast iron and copper but they do take special care. NEVER place either in a dishwasher as it can cause pitting. Do use kosher salt inside or outside the pans and scrub with half a lemon. Rinse well. For cast iron, wipe the inside with a little oil to maintain. For copper, use kosher salt and vinegar to make copper bright again. Ever start to make a pot of coffee at work and the glass is brown? There’s an easy fix. Just add kosher salt and ice and swirl until all the coffee stains are gone. To clean your coffee maker use white vinegar to remove mineral deposits. Put about 4 cups white vinegar in the water reservoir then turn coffee maker on making sure you have the pot under to catch the vinegar. Then fill the reservoir with clean water and run again to remove vinegar smell.

Simple Green to clean canopies, tents and convertible tops