Mental disorders: Toxoplasma gondii as the ASD and ADHD causative agent

2017-03-13 07:12
Mental disorders: Toxoplasma gondii as the ASD and ADHD causative agent

Toxoplasma gondii brings intervention which could be embodied in a special way. Last research found the connection between this type of parasite and mental disorders which could appear as the result of influence. As the basic cause which leads to the Toxoplasma gondii growth could be some special circumstances, which includes pregnancy and some range of infections. Parasite’s unexpected premature growth leads to the inflammatory processes, which could oversaturate brain with nitric oxide and some other elements. As the result, the brain gets the wrong chain of neuro-processes which are leads to the mental disorders.

What is the main mechanism of Toxoplasma gondii influence?

1) Testosterone’s production intervention

This kind of disease could appear without symptoms until the final stage come. But even without opened form, it brings changes into the hormonal system’s existence. Last observations showed that such line of reaction could be embodied in human and some rodent’s health. In female case, it could be discovered by the heightened testosterone’s line.

There is one interesting fact – most of the deep and unlearned mental disorders were discovered in the high testosterone’s level of human. They also were separated from others by the antisocial and sometimes aggressive line of behavior.

2) It brings own changes into the social attitude and cognizance brain areas

Last research showed that all patients with toxoplasmosis had the wrong size of some certain brain's areas. Their size was increased and functions are decreased. In all cases, it led to the changes of behavior because there was no straight directed line between their accommodations.

It is already discovered that all damage leads to the memory, emotions and attention disorders. The symptomatic line could be compared with compulsive attitude and nervous excitation.

3) It brings changes into the neurons connection

As you already know, Toxoplasma gondii is the main causative agent of toxoplasmosis. It could bring damage without open symptoms but anyway, it has the special way of influence – wrong nutrients chain produce which leads to the neuron’s disorders. The main treatment which could be fixed after diagnosis is about autism and ADHD diseases.

The main technique which could show the point is about neurotransmitter’s way of interventions. The last invention in research area showed that infection brings correction and erasing of the signal lines between Erbb, which help to support mental communication. It stops nerve growth and as the result, without myelination, the nervous system is too vulnerable.

Autism in 58% has the connection with myelination disorders. Without healthy forming of nerve, the connection couldn’t be supported.

4) It leads to the wrong oxidative work and changes in behavior line

Myelin, which is presented as the base of nerve forming process, is very sensitive to such kind of changes, like oxidative one. Changes which happened because of the oxygen’s line damage could be embodied in glutathione deficit. Scientists learned that after last research with the group of rodent. It helped to prove that oxidative line wrong work has the influence on the mental behavior changes.

Another one evidence was made with the electroencephalography research. During this kind of tests was discovered that neuron output has been changed. It could explain the wide range of nutrient’s deficit after chronic infection.

It is possible to say, that deficit is the main cause of the behavior exchange. Without straight neuronal output, the brain can’t fix even smallest negative influence and that leads to the pumping of the damage.

This disease and its causative agent have own recorded genes with the special code, which bring changes into the dopamine biosynthesis. It shows increased dopamine production which has the influence on the potassium ion extrication. This point has an own degree in the case of behavior changes. Some researches showed dopamine neurotransmission’s connection with such mental disorders like ADHD.

Other behavior tests and researches showed that toxoplasmosis has the connection with move activity, dimensional study, and memory, decreasing of the nervous excitation, another level of activity in new and habitual circumstances. In addition: attention deficit, behavior changes in new search situations. This is the same point which was diagnosed in ADHD and Autism research.


Actual news

Toxoplasma gondii is the main reason which leads the healthy body to the toxoplasmosis infection. In most of the cases, it couldn’t be embodied with symptoms, but the main influence is about oxidative disorders in the brain. This process could be the main reason of damage which leads to the autism and ADHD.

We have a data, according to this disease, that there are about 60 millions of infected people in the USA. Attention must be paid because it is the lead one reason of the death in society. This kind of disease has natural born. Infection could come from the meal turf. It means that food is the main source of the infection.

It should be mentioned that ADHD and Autism are not the only two diseases which could appear as the result of toxoplasmosis reaction. This infection could bring the wide range of other illnesses with one common turf – they are mental disorders. Sometimes reaction leads to the increased forms, like Alzheimers.

We have enough of the information about the disease and its nature. All data was received on the base of tests, observations, and researches. All of them were miscellaneous – with humans and animals (rodents). It helped to mix all shades of possible reactions and find the real schedule of intervention with all features.

If you or your child have ever been diagnosed with such mental disorders like Autism, ADHD or some other forms from the list, it is important to get tests about Toxoplasma gondii. Tests are possible on the base of the blood reaction and they are taking a short period of time. It is important to pay attention about diagnosis if you had any contacts with infected animal’s excrement, contaminated turf, and dirty vegetables, or ate infected animals.